Review of ‘Albert Prendergast’ school and gym knickers

Now then, the subject of knickers is one of the favourite topics of conversation. Everyone has their preference, skimpy, sexy, nylon, gigantic, white, patterned, lacy, cotton, plain, cute, the options are never ending. This is of course where the humble school knicker comes in. These are the classic, large, double gusset, 100% cotton knickers worn by almost all schoolgirls right up until the mid 80’s and beyond. I am not old enough to have worn these particular garments during my own school years (thankfully I should add) however if you are going to put on an authentic school uniform it definitely would not be complete without them, unless of course your aim is to fail a uniform inspection ;).

The Knickers from Albert Prendergast are available in eight different colours (green, navy, royal, white, red, black, grey and maroon) so can be matched to any uniform you choose. I have navy blue and bottle green ones myself. They fit true to size so be sure to measure your waist correctly. They fit nice and snug almost as though they are reminding you of what you’re wearing!

The feel of them is quite unique. The leg cuffs really hug and the fabric is certainly very soft. Those of you that remember wearing them I’m sure will know what I mean. They are hot to wear due to the thickness of them, all of which I feel adds to the ensemble of the uniform itself. They are designed to cover your whole bottom in order to maintain modesty, this can be beneficial, as I have found on more than one occasion, wink wink. Having worn these knickers I don’t think it would be right to wear my normal underwear beneath my uniform now. An absolute must for all aspiring adult schoolgirls.

100% cotton
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