Review of the ‘Albert Prendergast’ Gingham Summer Dress

For many years now I have been after an authentic Gingham school. I have had a few but none have come close to this one. I measured myself, took the plunge and bought one. When it arrived I was amazed, it looked perfect, same colour and style to that which I used to wear as a girl.

The dress is made from a polyester cotton mix fabric and feels soft yet holds its form so that the skirt sits a little bit proud which I really like. You can tell from the first time you put one on, the quality of the fabric is excellent. These dresses cost £89 which may seem dear however for the authenticity, quality and feel I definitely think it is worth it. They are machine washable too so will last a long time. This dress is a traditional style that would have been worn into the 1980’s by girls in the summer. It features two pockets on the front which are adorable, a white collar and cuffs and a two button fastening at the back. I have mine so that it synchs the waist in a little as I like the look and feel of it better that way. The length is about right for me but I am normal height I guess at 5’6”. If you were taller you may well want it a little longer although that is obviously personal choice. The dresses can be altered so it’s not a problem. Fortunately I was a standard length. This dress is ideally accompanied with a matching cardigan, white socks and underwear to complete the look. When worn it totally takes me back, its very nostalgic.

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